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Respirator Fit Test


Occupational Health Specialists


General Information

Respirator fit testing is an essential component in ensuring the efficiency of respiratory protective equipment.

Required under the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code and CSA Standard Z94.4-02 , all respiratory protective equipment that has a tight fitting face piece must be fit tested.

At Primary Medical Services, we offer quantitative respirator fit testing using the TSI Portacount to measure exact leakage into the breathing zone of the respirator face piece. Adhering to only the highest industry standards, we do not routinely offer qualitative fit testing due to its subjectivity and efficacy in assigned protection factors of only 10 or less.


Respirator Fit Testing Service Includes:

  • Quantitative Portacount Fit Test-conducted through our mobile Occupational Health Clinic
  • Immediate printout of results
  • Laminated wallet size fit test card
  • Information/Training regarding the use and limitations of respiratory protective equipment, work site specific information and education regarding airborne contaminants including potential health effects and ways to detect the contaminant's presence.


Additional Services Available:

Medical assessment of Fitness to Wear a Respirator

The use of a respirator may place physiological or psychological burden on the person. Health surveillance is important to ensure that a person is able to use a respirator without serious difficulty. Prior to fit testing and respirator use it is important to ensure that a worker is free from physiological or psychological conditions that may preclude the worker from using the selected respirators.



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