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Quality Assurance


Occupational Health Specialists


Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Program ensures accurate, reliable occupational health evaluations. When not performed correctly, by properly trained and certified personnel, testing values or assessment results can often be misleading, placing the entire worker monitoring/occupational health program in jeopardy.

A good Quality Assurance Program is essential to ensure that all occupational health evaluations are beneficial in monitoring the health of workers.

At Primary Medical Services Inc. our Quality Assurance Program includes:


Management Support

Occupational Health evaluations require time, space and administrative support. Technicians and Registered Paramedics performing the evaluations need proper training, equipment, supplies, and a realistic testing schedule, as well as a quiet and private testing environment. Management support is provided to assure resources are sufficient for a reliable program.


QA Program Director

Our QA Program Director assumes direct responsibility for the entire QA program, ensuring that; technicians are trained properly and maintain levels of competency, resources are available for technicians to do their job properly, all methods used follow sound scientific evidence, all technicians follow guidelines established in the QA Program and participate in continuing education to maintain proficiency in current techniques, protocols, equipment, and legislation.


Procedure Manual

Each monitoring program/occupational health service has its own procedure manual, ensuring that testing procedures and equipment calibration information is available for quick reference.

The procedure manual helps each program maintain consistency by ensuring that the same standardized procedures are available to all staff.


Accurate Equipment

All equipment used in testing meets or exceeds standards set out by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) or American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Daily accuracy checks and calibration checks of equipment are performed prior to testing each day and are recorded in the Calibration Log for each testing device.

Factory calibration is performed on schedules outlined by equipment manufacturers. All factory calibration and maintenance records are kept with the Calibration Log for each device.


Quarterly Quality Reports

The QA Program Director reviews and grades the quality of all tests (where applicable) on a monthly basis and produces Quarterly Quality Reports outlining test quality and technician performance.



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