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Custom Fitted Hearing Protection


Hearing Conservation


General Information

Acoustic trauma and sustained exposure to noise are serious causes of hearing loss. Loud sounds can and do damage hearing in both short and long term exposures.

Since hearing damage is often undetected until it is too late, Primary Medical Services, Inc. recommends avoiding prolonged exposure to excessive noise and offers custom fitted ear plugs as a solution. Available in solid and filtered configurations, they are made of a soft material and have special acoustical attenuation properties.


Custom Fitted Plugs

Custom fitted plugs can provide up to 40-45 dB in noise reduction without filters.  If acoustic filters are required, then a noise reduction rating of up to 35-40 dB can be achieved.  In comparison, soft foam insert plugs can only provide an approximate 20-25 dB noise reduction rating.  These are typically single use only and are usually discarded daily if not sooner. 

Our custom fitted plugs can last for several years, provide much a more comfortable fit and will offer much greater protection from noise exposure.  This in turn will produce a higher employee compliance with hearing protection usage and long term will be more cost effective to the employer.

New Ultra-Sil Material - This material is the softest material available in ear mold production. It is a 100% non-allergenic medical grade silicone. Due to its softness and virtually zero shrinkage, this is the best material for profound losses when the acoustic seal is a must.

Our fitted plugs are available with or without handles (attached string). In the ultra-sil materials, earplugs are available in vibrant multi colors and swirls allowing for a more personalized choice.


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